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Guide How To Make Thermite

How to make thermite

This is a guide on how to make thermite and if you don't already know how to make thermite it is incredibly easy.

Take all necessary safety precautions before you attempt anything.

The reason I made my own thermite is because I'd seen it used before and it looked awesome.

One problem I had was getting the thermite to light in the first place. I was using Magnesium ribbon to start the thermite reaction, but despite the heat burning the Magnesium creates it would often fail to start things off, leaving me with just a white pile of burnt ribbon.

It seems, at least in my case, that the top of the thermite pile needs to be really loose for it to ignite. Maybe it was the percentage of Iron Oxide to Aluminium, as I was just using an easy to remember ratio.

I think if I was to try this again I would try a different method of ignition, as it was too unreliable.

The method I showed in the video on how to mix the thermite is really simple and cheap, as you could use any tub with a sealable lid. Just remember to clean it out inbetween uses, otherwise it could put your mix slightly out (not by loads, but if you're trying to fine tune your mix, no point adding what you've just measured out in with a previous mix).

I put together a video with some fascinating thermite facts for you to watch.

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