Saturday, 4 January 2014

DIY Electric Lockpick

It's not quite as good as a Sonic screwdriver, but it should open a few locks.

Following on from a previous article where we showed you how to make lockpicks from old hacksaw blades, we're now going to show you how to make an electric pick you can use them with.

Don't use this in anyway that would be illegal. This makeshift electric lockpick is no substitute for a professionally built electric lock-picking tool, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Materials Needed:

  • Electric Shaver (Ideally with removable head if you still want to use it as a shaver afterwards)
  • Metal Washers (Penny washer, x2 M5 flat washers, x2 M5 serrated washers, M4 pan head machine screw and nut)
  • Super Glue
  • Pick

Tools Need:

  • Sharp knife


Remove Shaver Head

Remove guard from shaver head

Start by removing the guard from the shaver so you can access the head. Then twist off the head and prise open the blade cover (the video quickly shows how the mechanism works).

Shaver Head

Shaver Blade

Now lift up the spring holding the movable blade down and remove the blade. Carefully cut off the plastic so you can easily remove the blades, if you try to prise it like I did, it will snap.

Add Washer to Shaver

For the next part you can either carefully cut away some of the blade or snap it like I did. The blade was put in a vice and slowly crushed snapping at the bend. When done, glue your washer to the blade and glue the plastic back on top.

Add Washer to Shaver Head

Put Shaver head together

You'll have to wait for the glue to set (time will vary depending on what your using) so I'd use the time to make some custom picks from old hacksaw blades. Once the glue is fully cured you can reassemble the top.

DIY lock picks


add fixings to lock pick

add lock pick to shaver

Once you've selected the picks you want to use you can attach them to the shaver with a few small fixings. I arranged mine in the way shown in the picture so I could change the angle of the pick if necessary.

DIY Electric Lockpick

The end result is an electric pick that has varying angles of use with the ability to change the style of pick. The drawbacks are it's very noisy when in use and it's cheap top means it won't last very long before you encounter a problem. Although, I think with a few tweaks and slightly better construction you could get half decent results.

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