Hi I'm Paul and I run Go Repairs where I share things I think you'll find interesting.

The aim of Go Repairs is to bring you the stuff I like doing, whether that’s a project I want to build or a science experiment I want to perform, I also share some random things too, like list videos or maybe a short animation.

The content can be a bit random sometimes, but that’s the way ( a huh a huh) I like it ( a huh a huh).

Originally Go Repairs was just a site about giving free heating and plumbing advice to home owners or anyone else who was in need of the information.

But when I started my YouTube channel I realised I wanted to share other things, so I kept the name and just changed the direction I wanted to take the stuff I was producing.

The bottom line and Go Repairs is about doing stuff, learning things and sharing the results with you.

If that sounds like your thing then join me.