Friday, 19 September 2014

How To Make Halloween Decorations

How To Make Halloween Decorations

In today’s video we’re going to be making our own Halloween decorations - so let’s Go.

You're going to need an offcut of plastic pipe to make these Halloween decorations, mine is slightly bigger than the glow stick I'm using for the light source.

Now taking a marker pen draw your scary designs, being as creative as you like.

Next we need to cut these faces out, I'm going to be using this attachment for my rotary tool, but use what you have to hand.

When you've cut the faces out you might want to sand the edges.

Now taking some black paint and a brush, we’re going to completely coat the outside of the tube.

When your paint has dried we’re ready to test your homemade Halloween decoration out. You might want to stuff a bit of news paper either end of the tube to stop the light escaping.

These Halloween decorations are easy to make and will last for ages. You can also use them outside without fear they may be damaged by the weather.

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