Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What's the reaction between White Spirit and Detergent?

What's the reaction between White Spirit and Detergent?

So I was cleaning some paint brushes the other day with some white spirit when I noticed a strange reaction and seeing as the people who watch my video are pretty smart, I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on.

Into the white spirit I poured some washing up liquid and you can see the initial reaction looks like smoke trapped in water. I noticed the bigger change after the mixture is stirred. It clouds up and looks like a milk shake. Then once it settles it’s in three layers, a transparent layer at the top, a fatty looking opaque middle layer and a semi transparent bottom layer.

I used my macro lens to try get some of the finer details for you, because I think it looks pretty cool.

So if you think you know what this is, then shoot me a message in the comments and if you want to make this just so you can check it out for yourself, this is just like I said, white spirit with washing up liquid mixed together.

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