Friday, 12 September 2014

How To Make A Mini Crossbow

How To Make A Mini Crossbow

If you can get your hands on some wooden clothes pegs you can quite easily make your own mini crossbow. These mini crossbows are great for target practice and make a fun toy. Just make sure you use your clothes peg mini crossbow in a safe manner.

You're going to need three wooden clothes pegs for this build.

Start by taking one of your pegs apart as shown and notch either end.

This is to act as a guide for our rubber bands and help prevent it from coming off.

Now taking apart the remaining two pegs as shown before, we’re going to make some grooves. I've marked them so you can see what you need to cut away.

On the peg with the smaller pen marking, we are also going to square off the round groove, as this is going to act as the mini crossbow’s firing mechanism.

When that’s complete it’s time to reassemble our pegs.

Pair each peg you’ve just worked on with a peg that’s unchanged, as one is used to guide the ammo, while the other is there to hold it in place.

Drop a blob of wood glue on the bottom lip of our firing trigger and attach it to our firing guide as shown.

Now you just need to wait for the glue to set before moving on.

When the glue is cured, insert the first peg you notched with a rubber band attached as shown and you're ready to fire.

Remember your power comes from the rubber band, so you might want to play with the design and ammo type.

Just remember to play safe.

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