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Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

Top 10 zombie apocalypse weapons

As you some of you know I'm currently working on a DIY crossbow for the impending zombie apocalypse and that got me thinking. What would be the top 10 weapons to have in that situation?

My criteria was how accessible the item was and how functional it would be in a zombie apocalypse environment.

Top 10 weapons for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.10

Zombie movie staple the shotgun comes in at the lowest place of 10 and is the only firearm in the list. Its low ammunition capacity, combined with the noise created every time you fire being like a dinner bell to the undead, mean this is really a weapon of last resort. One upside is that if all else fails the shotgun could double as a melee weapon.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.9

The common hammer is often overlooked, but its availability and blunt force make it handy to have around. As well as caving in zombie skulls, it will also help put up those barricades.

Just make sure you invest in a quality hammer, you don’t want it falling apart when you need it most

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.8

As seen used in Shawn of the dead, the English cricket bat doubles as a handy weapon in the sport of zombie slaying. The Willow wood blade is designed to take the extreme forces that bowlers and bats men put on it.

Its light weight and durability should ensure good innings.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.7

Giving better range than a knife and being more practical than a sword, the machete is the perfect choice for a bladed weapon. Being able to take a beating and opening up all the options a blade brings, makes the machete the Swiss army knife of the apocalypse.

Just remember to keep it clean in between uses.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.6

Just owning a pair these is going to make you feel like you can fix things. Their zombie killing properties shouldn't over shadow their ability to grip, pry and twist items.

Stilsons also know as pipe wrenches come in different sizes, just remember the bigger ones will give you more reach but take more of an effort to use.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.5

Whether splitting logs or zombie brains - the axe can’t tell the difference. Just make sure you get your Shining re-enactment out of the way early in the apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.4

Being Gordon Freeman's weapon of choice gives the crowbar its cool factor, but that alone isn't why this choice is number 4.

The crowbars ability to get you into places means this tool could be a life saver, not just in a combat situation

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.3

This could easily have been number one with its ease of construction and deadly power. The slings main draw back is the skill needed to be effective with the weapon.

It has been used in warfare since ancient times as a trusty way to dispatch your foes - so better start practising now.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.2

A bow of any kind is going to improve your chances of survival. Their range and low noise, mean they are good for both defence and hunting. Just try choosing a simple design, as the less parts it has the less can go wrong with it. You could easily fashion your own makeshift bow with materials you find. Arrows for a bow or bolts for a cross bow may be harder to come by, but can be reused.

Just remember to use different arrows for killing zombies and hunting, as you don’t want to accidentally get zombie brains in your food.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon No.1

First place has to go to the slingshot. This seemingly child’s toy is actually a powerful killing weapon. Like the bow before it, it is both a powerful and accurate ranged weapon that’s quiet when used. It also has the bonus of an almost unlimited supply of ammo, from a common stone up to a ball bearing and everything in between. With a slight adaptation they can even fire arrows.

Their only draw back is that rubber bands degrade over time and with use. One work around for this is to stock up on rubber or use springs. While using springs will make it slightly noisier, they may be easier to get your hands on in a zombie apocalypse event.

So there you have it my top 10 zombie apocalypse weapons. If you think there should have been something else on the list or want to share your top 10 zombie apocalypse weapons, then down forget to tell me below.

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