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4 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Drinks Cold

4 Quick tips for keeping your drinks cold

Have you ever forgot to put your soft drinks or alcohol in the fridge before a party and wondered how to get the drinks cold fast? Or maybe you just wanted an ice cold drink and didn't want to wait. Well with our 4 quick tips for keeping your drinks cool this summer, you will have an ice cold drink in no time.

Tip 1 Wet Paper Towel Hack

Wet paper towel wrapped around drink

Take a paper towel and wet it with cold water, wrap the paper towel around your drink and pop it in the freezer for around 5-10 minutes. Your drink should now be ice cold and ready to drink.

Having a thin layer of water close to the bottle aids in rapidly cooling the drink inside

Tip 2 Saltwater Ice Bath Hack

Salt water ice bath

Take a container and fill it with ice, cold water and some salt, mix these together to get an icy soup.  Add your drinks to the ice bath and wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool.  The ice will melt quickly so to re-energise the ice bath add more ice or put it in the freezer for a few minutes.

The salt lowers the waters freezing point, allowing the water to be colder than it would normally while still being a liquid. As a liquid the water has greater contact with the outside surface area of the bottle, cooling it much quicker than ice alone.

Tip 3 DIY Freezing Kit Hack

DIY freezing kit hack

In a previous article we showed you how to make a DIY freezing kit, this tip works on the same principle.  Take a container and pack some damp sponges into it, then add your drink.  Take an air duster, hold it upside down and spray it in between the sponges and the drink.  This will cool your drink instantly, but be careful as the liquid coming from the air duster is very cold.

You could use a cloth or something similar if you don't have sponges to hand, just make sure it absorbs water. You may want to avoid using a glass container on this one as the rapid freezing may cause it to crack or shatter.

Tip 4 Drink Ice Cubes Hack

Make ice cubes from the drink itself

If you have a little time, take your drink and pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze for later.  Add your drink ice cubes to your drinks for added flavour, this will also stop your drink from becoming watered down from the ice melting.

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