Saturday, 14 February 2015

360 No Scope Slingshot

So it's been awhile since I got the chance to make a video for the channel, so I thought I'd come back with a bang.

The 360 no scope slingshot I created in the video is just a prototype, obviously you could refine the design and use better materials. I just used what I had to hand around the house.

So seeing as you're here reading this, chances are you want to know a little more about the design.

Well first off I want to state I have never built a slingshot before today and haven't fired one since I was a child. On the day I filmed the video it was very cold, but I got out and started filming because it was the brightest it had been here for awhile.

These circumstances may have affected the results I got with the slingshot, but like I say I don't have a lot of experience using a regular slingshot to make a comparison for you.

Quite often when I fired the slingshot the rubber band would twist up and have to be unwound before I could take the next shot.

Bruised thumb

Strangely the slingshot misfired a couple of times and I really couldn't tell you why. I'd line up the shot as normal and the ball bearing would still be in the pouch after I fired. One time the ball bearing hit my thumb, I didn't realise it had bruised me until the day after.

I used cable ties to attach the rubber band to the frame and pouch to the rubber bands. I did a few dry fires before I filmed and a couple of times the cable tie on the right hand side attached to the pouch would snap.

I put this down to cutting it back too close to the opening or making it too tight. But it was fine when I filmed the 360 no scope in use for the video.

The pouch was just a bit of material I folded over and pierced holes on either side so I could attach the cable ties.

I would have liked to use a thicker piece of metal on the frame as it did bend a bit after repeated use, but like I say it's all I had.

The cool thing about this design is it allows people who find holding a regular slingshot difficult, to take up shooting with a slingshot as it's not a set angle.

You can also never pull back the rubber bands uneven (unless of course to attach your bands uneven like a ding-bat) as the forks would rotate and equalise this out.

I got decent results out of it if I'm honest and with refining the design I think it could be pretty badass.

If you want to get your hands on the target board used in the video and others I've created, then you can find them here.

Channel Update

You may have noticed the channel has changed its appearance and I've introduced my character - Roley.

I wanted to revamp the channel look with the changes I am going to introduce, so visually you can tell things have changed.

I'm trying to improve on what we've already got by adding a few extra things and being a bit more everyday me.

I've also added more things to the Patreon page, so those who help the channel can unlock some cool rewards

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