Saturday, 26 April 2014

Make Your Own Magic Sand

Make your own magic sand

Making magic sand is easy and is a fun way to trick your friends into thinking you have magic powers. Follow our guide on how to make your own magic sand below.

Start by watching the video.

WARNING! If you attempt to make this yourself then take all necessary precautions and wear any necessary safety equipment. Safety advice.

Materials Needed:

  • Sand
  • Scotch Gard
  • Old baking tray (that's not going to be used after)
Regular sand on a tray

Pour some regular sand out onto your baking tray, shaking it side to side to even out the sand. Then apply an even coat of your Scotchgard to the sand. I would advise you do the spraying outdoors and wear a face mask, following the directions for use on the can.

Sand drying in the sun

Allow the sand to dry before adding another coat.

Break up the sand if stuck

Once the sand has dried, loosen it from the tray and break up any big clumps so it can return to a fine sand. Then repeat the steps from before, first evening out the sand before adding another coat of Scotchgard. You will need to repeat the process about 3-4 times before your magic sand is ready to use.

Magic sand

When your magic sand is ready you can add it to water to see its new hydrophobic property. When you pull the sand above the water level you will see it returns to acting like regular sand.

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