Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Man Soap Quick Tip

Man Soap

Quick Tip #1

Start by watching the video!

Soap dispensers are practical but not very manly, let’s see what we can do!

Soap Dispenser Top

Soap Dispenser Pieces

Remove it’s top and disassemble the pieces.

Jack Daniels Bottle

Now choose a manlier container and remove it’s lid.

Cut hole in bottle lid

Drill a hole in the lid and reassemble the parts through it.

Add Straw

If the straws not long enough just replace it with a regular drinking straw using any colour you want - I chose manly pink.

Straw in JD bottle

With this extra length and ability bend I can get all the way into the corners.

Straw in Soap Dispenser

This little trick will work with regular bottles too - making sure you don’t get any leftovers trapped in the corners.

Please remember to washer your hands responsibly!

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