Wednesday 4 December 2013

Pringles Can Speaker

Pringles Can Speaker 

Pringles occasionally run a promotion where you get a speaker for the can. But why bother with all that, when you can make your own speaker from the Pringles can.

Speaker Materials

Speaker Materials

Speaker Materials

 List of materials:

  • Some enamelled wire
  • Some sticky tape
  • A piece of A4 paper
  • A stack of magnets
  • Some old headphones (for testing the Pringles can speaker)
  • An empty can of Pringles

Tools Needed:

  • Junior hacksaw
  • Safety pin
  • A pair of scissors
  • A measuring tape 
Cut Paper

Roll paper around magnets

Roll paper around magnets

Making The Tube

Firstly cut a strip of paper about 3cm in height, from that strip cut a small piece long enough to wrap around a stack of magnets the same height. Ensure the paper is snugly wrapped and then tape into position. Repeat the process, putting another piece of paper around the first one and again securing with some sticky tape. These paper tubes should slide over each other freely.

Wrap copper around magnets

Coil copper around magnets

Tape copper coil to magnets

Remove magnets

Making The Coil

Take your enamelled wire and tape it to the outer paper, now carefully coil the wire around. Coil it until it's about a third of the way down, remember to keep the wire close together as you wrap it around. When you've gone far enough use another piece of sticky tape to secure into position. Give yourself plenty of wire for both connections of the coil, you can always trim these later if they are too long.

Once your copper coil is secured you can remove the inner paper tube and stack of magnets.

Measure can

Cut Pringles Can

Clean Pringles Can

Make Hole

Prepare The Pringles Can

Now measure up about an 2.5cm from the metal base of the Pringles can and cut it to length with your junior hacksaw. To help you cut straight you can wrap the a4 paper around the can, giving you a straight line to follow.

When the Pringles can is cut, don't forget to give the inside a quick clean and make a small hole for the wires using your safety pin.

Pringles Top

Attached coil to top

Pringles Top with magnets

Add magnets

Thread copper wire

Add Top

Pringles Can Speaker


Finishing the Pringles Can Speaker


Locate the centre of the Pringles can lid by finding the bump on the top. Now secure your coil to the lid using sticky tape. Remember to adjust your stack of magnets so that the top of the magnets will be level with the centre of the coil.

Place your stack of magnets into the coil while it's turned upside down. Now thread your wires through the hole you made in the Pringles can. Place your can upside down over the lid, making sure it's central, as it gets closer you'll hear the magnets click into place. Make sure to pull through any excess wire.

Now your Pringles can speaker is done, you just need to test it. I connected mine to some old headphones. If you want to hear the audio quality of this speaker then check out our video.

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