Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to Remove a Label

How to Remove a Label 

It always seems a waste to just recycle your glass jars or glass bottles. But you don't want the label on and you know removing it is going to take awhile and make a mess.

Well with our easy method you can remove those glass jar and glass bottle labels with little or no mess.

Materials Needed


List of Materials

- Glass container with label to be removed (glass bottle or glass jar)
- Means of boiling water (a kettle* or sauce pan* will do)
- Water (for boiling)
  You'll also need enough finger nail to scratch one edge.


- Sponge scourer*
- White Spirit*

Pour hot water into jar

Peel label


Add Boiling Water

Take your empty glass bottle or glass jar and sit it somewhere that is okay to get splashed with water - we recommend in your sink. Now using your kettle or sauce pan, boil enough water to fill the glass container (jar or bottle).

When the water is boiling add to the glass container, being carefull not to spill any. Once your glass jar or glass bottle is full of hot water, allow to stand for 5 - 10 minutes before peeling off at one of the corners. Take your time and try to peel off the glass jar label in one go.

If you find it hard to peel without holding the jar, make sure you use a cloth or rag - as it will be hot. I would advise emptying the jar of hot water before you start peeling, to avoid the risk of spilling the hot water.

Wipe away excess

How to Remove a Label


Remove Glue Residue

Now that your label is off allow your glass jar (or glass bottle) to cool naturally. Do not cool down too fast by running under cold water as this may cause the jar to crack or chip.

Most if not all of the glue from the labels should be gone as well. Any stubborn glue residue can usually be removed with a dab of White Spirit.

Now enjoy your label free glass jar, you could even put your own label on it.

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