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20 Weirdest Foods In The World

20 Weirdest Foods In The World

We've all eaten some strange things in our time, but here I've compiled a list of some of the world's weirdest foods around.

Weirdest Food In The World 20

Century Eggs, China

Century eggs

Despite their name these eggs haven’t been stored for a hundred years, but it does take weeks or even months to prepare one of these eggs. A century egg is a duck egg that has been preserved in a mixture of ash, lime, salt, clay and rice. They are known for an exceptionally strong taste and odour, which is reminiscent of sulphur or ammonia.

Weirdest Food In The World 19

Fugu, Japan


Fancy risking your life with your next meal? Then you might want to try a slice of puffer fish. If the toxins of this fish aren't removed properly they can be fatal. It was reported that in the years between 2000 and 2012 over 20 people died from pufferfish that wasn't prepared properly

Weirdest Food In The World 18

Fried Spider, Cambodia

Fried spiders

In Cambodia they serve fried spider, this dish is said to have come about out of necessity during the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge.

Weirdest Food In The World 17

Witchetty Grub, Australia

Witchetty Grub

Now the staple diet of a z list celebrity intent on building a career in television, but it was traditionally foraged by Aborigines. The Witchetty Grub name applies to several types of white wood eating larvae, but is commonly referring to the larvae of the cossid moth. Said to taste similar to scrabbled eggs.

Weirdest Food In The World 16

Shiokara, Japan


Most often described as fermented squid guts, this dish can be made from other marine life too.

Weirdest Food In The World 15

Sannakji, Korea


This next dish is some what of a choking hazard, as the octopus is still alive when it’s eaten. Unsurprisingly not wanting to be eaten alive, the octopus has been known to latch onto the inside of the mouths and throats of the people dinning on it.

Weirdest Food In The World 14

Puffin, Iceland


Although not endangered the puffins numbers are in decline, which was why Gordon Ramsay got in hot water when he ate the raw heart of a puffin that was caught and killed on one of his shows. I contacted Gordon to ask him what it tasted like and he said it tasted like ****.

Weirdest Food In The World 13

Escamoles, Mexico


Supposedly called insect caviar by the Mexicans, this ant larvae dish is gathered from the same plant that they use to make tequila.

Weirdest Food In The World 12

Beondegi, Korea


If the sight of those larvae left your mouth watering, why not try this next dish. Literally meaning "chrysalis" or "pupa" in Korean, these silkworm pupae are traditionally served as a snack.

Weirdest Food In The World 11

Tong Zi Dan, China

Tong Zi Dan

How you make this Chinese delicacy takes the piss, the actual piss of young virgin boys. Aptly named virgin boy eggs, the urine of these young boys is collected from schools and used to boil the eggs. The eggs are then taken out of the steaming broth, before being cracked and placed back in again to absorb that tangy wizz flavour. Tell me how do you eat yours?

Weirdest Food In The World 10

Akutaq, Alaska


After all these savoury dishes you might fancy a dessert. Well I've got you covered. Take some reindeer fat, seal oil, freshly fallen snow, fresh berries, and sometimes ground fish.  And you've got yourself some Eskimo ice cream. Just remember not to use yellow snow.

Weirdest Food In The World 9

Hákarl, Iceland


A shark stake might sound nice, but this meal isn't that straight forward. The shark is first buried and left to ferment in it’s own fluids for a few months, before being cut in to strips and hung up to dry for several more months. When a crusty brown layer has formed on the outside of the shark it’s ready to be eaten.

Weirdest Food In The World 8

Cockscombs, Europe


Cockscombs are used in sauces and as a garnish. If your wondering what a Cockscomb is, it’s that floppy bit on your cock's head.

Weirdest Food In The World 7

Surströmming, Sweden


The Swedish are said to like nothing more than this sour fermented herring dish. It’s smell is said to be so powerful that it’s generally eaten outside.

Weirdest Food In The World 6

Black Pudding, England

Black Pudding

Made up of blood and fat with a few other ingredients, the black pudding isn't everyone’s cup of tea. But the full English breakfast isn't complete without it.

Weirdest Food In The World 5

Rocky Mountain Oysters, America

Rocky Mountain Oysters

This American dish is not as exotic as the name suggests, it’s actually deep-fried bull’s testicles. Said to be a novelty dish, rocky mountain oysters can most commonly be found at festivals.

Weirdest Food In The World 4

Balut, Philippines


If you think you've had eggs every way imaginable guess again. This Filipino offering boils the live fertilised embryo in the shell.

Weirdest Food In The World 3

Casu Marzu, Sardinia

Casu Marzu

This soft cheese is made from sheep's milk and left outside where it attracts flies that lay their eggs in it. The eggs hatch into maggots that eat the cheese and cause it to rot.

Weirdest Food In The World 2

Gaebul, Korean


These phallic-shaped spoon worms are often called penis fish and are enjoyed in Korea. They are sometimes served raw and are said to have a salty burst of flavour when bitten into.

Weirdest Food In The World 1

Kiviaq, Greenland


Sounding like it was inspired by the the nursery rhyme sing a song of sixpence, this traditional Inuit delicacy is made by putting whole dead birds inside a bag made from seal skin. This is then buried and left to ferment from any between 3 and 18 months. When hunting becomes difficult it is dug back up and eaten raw.

So there we have some of the weirdest foods available on the planet, tell me in the comments what’s the weirdest thing you've eaten.

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